Co Workers


"We are God's co-workers..." (1 Cor 3:9)

Father Al Lauer once asked, "Are you seeking the Lord of the work, or are you seeking the work of the Lord?" Presentation Ministries' Co-workers are seeking the Lord, and they are doing His work in the vineyard. If you would like to join our efforts, the Lord can certainly use your help, no matter where you live. Many hands make light work, and we can all do our best to be His hands and His voice here on earth, until He comes again.

All are invited to become Co-Workers! Please consider joining the ranks on the front line, as a soldier for the Lord here on earth, as part of the Church Militant, so more of us will eventually be part of the Church Triumphant one day!

How Can I Help Serve The Lord Through PM?

Below are some areas PM needs your help. This is not an exhaustive list, but some common ways co-workers help.

  • Distribute OBOB at your parish
  • Advertise the BI at your parish
  • Start up a Bible Study group
  • Schedule or attend a Life in the Spirit Seminar with our outreach team
  • Start up or join an existing Home-Based Community
  • Donate much needed supplies for the completion of Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
  • Pass our wallet-sized cards telling others about PM
  • Share the PM website with others
  • Join the PM Intercessors Prayer Team and pray for the intentions on our website Prayer Room
  • Start a Bible Telephone line in your city

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati Area here are some additional ways you can help:

  • Volunteer in our Ministry Center (book packing, mailings, computer work)
  • Help with retreats at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Retreat Center
  • Work on the construction of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
  • Volunteer at the Bible Institute

If you need help finding a volunteer opportunity that works for you contact John and Beth Dunn at or (606) 748-0605 for assistance.

What Are The Prerequisites For Being A Co-Worker?

You must be a Catholic Christian:

  • under the lordship of Jesus,
  • living in the Holy Spirit,
  • active in your parish church,
  • obedient to the teachings of the Church and the Pope. 

Who Are Co-Workers?

Co-workers are full-fledged members of the Lay Association of Presentation Ministries. They are brothers and sisters in Christ called to work together to promote the growth of disciples for Jesus (see 1 Cor. 3:9; Rm 16:3-4; Phil 4:3). They do this by participating in one or more of the various ministries that are part of Presentation Ministries.  

How Do I Become A Co-Worker?

  1. Pray about this calling and ask advice from your spouse, confessor, or spiritual director.
  2. Try for a month to fulfill the seven responsibilities of a co-worker.
  3. If you then believe you're called to be a co-worker, then send us your nameaddressphone number and baptismal date. You can e-mail this information to or contact us by regular mail or phone. This commitment lasts one year and can be renewed annually on November 21st, the Feast of Our Lady of Presentation. 

Why Be A Co-Worker?

  1. in obedience to the Lord—"Do whatever He (Jesus) tell you" (Jn 2:5).
  2. for encouragement—"We must consider how to rouse each other to love and good deeds. We should not absent ourselves from the assembly, as some do, but encourage one another" (Heb 10:24-25).
  3. for greater power in evangelization and in making disciples—"The actual formation of groups of the lay faithful... leads to a more extensive and incisive effectiveness in work" (Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People, Pope John Paul II, 29). Being a co-worker will make you more effective in your parish.
  4. for unity—"The profound reason that justifies and demands the lay faithful's forming of lay groups comes from a theology based on ecclesiology. The group apostolate is a 'sign of communion and of unity of the Church of Christ"' (Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People,29). If you are already working in Presentation Ministries, you express and strengthen your unity in Christ with other co-workers when you become a co-worker. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Co-Worker?

To help make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19) I will:

  1. follow the Spirit's lead in working for Presentation Ministries.

To be a better disciple myself, I will:

  1. celebrate Mass and Communion daily or as often as possible with a view to building Christian community.
  2. read and pray the Bible daily to share Jesus and His word with others.
  3. go to Confession monthly.

To be in communion with other co-workers. I will:

  1. pray part of the rosary or part of the Liturgy of the Hours daily for Presentation Ministries.
  2. fast at least weekly in some way for Presentation Ministries and in order to live a more austere life-style. (We usually fast on Fridays except during the Christmas and Easter seasons.)
  3. try to participate in the yearly co-workers' retreats. (Co-workers living within 100 miles of Cincinnati commit themselves to participate in at least one of the two co-workers' annual retreats. Exceptions can be made by the leaders of the co-workers for those who are elderly, sick, or have other special circumstances.) 

Prayer For Presentation Ministries Co-Workers

Father, thank you for calling me to be a co-worker with you in Presentation Ministries. May I work with my whole being to feed Jesus' sheep spiritually by encouraging Your people to live Your word and to receive Holy Communion. May I be your Son's disciple, make disciples, and build Christian community. We pray in Jesus' name with the intercession of Our Lady of Presentation and St. Joseph the Worker. Amen.  


For more information about being a co-worker in Presentation Ministries send an email to: