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Week 2 — The Holy Spirit

"I have baptized you in water; He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit." —Mark 1:8

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"You must know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is within—the Spirit you have received from God." —1 Cor 6:19


Holy Spirit: You're probably surprised I'm talking to you. The first thing I've been wanting to say to you is: "I love you. I intend not only to be with you but also within you."
Temple: I find it hard to see myself as Your temple. Help me understand what it means to be overshadowed by You (Lk 1:35).


Receive an ever-increasing thirst for the Spirit (Jn 7:37). Specifically ask for this.


"I will ask the Father and He will give you another Paraclete to be with you always." —Jn 14:16


Holy Spirit: Did you notice some of the things I did in you yesterday? If you're quiet for a minute, I'll remind you of one (Jn 14:26). (Pause in silence.) Are you surprised? I am here right now and I'm serious about living in you.
Temple: Holy Spirit, You scare me. I have this feeling that if I let You in, my whole life will change.


Receive the call to pray and fast. Ask the Lord to set you free from anything that is not of Him.


"The Spirit God has given us is no cowardly Spirit, but rather One That makes us strong, loving, and wise." —2 Tm 1:7


Holy Spirit: I get a big laugh out of you. You have nothing to fear. My presence will fill you with life.
Temple: Holy Spirit, every time I sense You're around, I don't know whether to run to You or away from You.


Receive fearlessness.


"All were filled with the Holy Spirit. They began to express themselves in foreign tongues and make bold proclamation as the Spirit prompted them." —Acts 2:4


Holy Spirit: Do you want to speak and praise Me in another language? I don't mean for you to go to school and study. I'll give you just a few words. This will help you praise and thank Me, the Father, and Jesus.
Temple: I don't want to do this. I'd feel funny.


Receive the call to repent and go to Confession, even if it's only been a week since your last Confession.


"A man who speaks in a tongue is talking not to men but to God." —1 Cor 14:2


Holy Spirit: Cast off your fears. Just say a few words. I don't force them out of your mouth. You'll have to decide to form the syllables, just as you do in English. Go ahead.
Temple: Holy Spirit, I don't know why I'm doing this.


Receive the grace to praise God in English and in another language.


"Seek eagerly after love. Set your hearts on spiritual gifts—above all, the gift of prophecy." —1 Cor 14:1


Holy Spirit: I want to give you a prophecy. Don't be afraid again. A prophecy is simply expressing what I'm saying at the time. I'll give you this either for you to speak to someone or for someone to say to you.
Temple: Holy Spirit, You're going too fast, but go ahead.


Receive the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Read and pray 1 Cor 12:7-11, Gal 5:22-23, and Acts 2:42.


"The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him: a Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, a Spirit of counsel and of strength, a Spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord." —Is 11:2


Holy Spirit: Remember when you were prayed over to receive Me at your Confirmation? I want to fill you with My gifts, fruit, and life. That's "life in the Spirit."
Temple: Holy Spirit, I'm excited about life with You in me. Jesus, baptize me in the Spirit (Mk 1:8).


Receive the renewal of your Confirmation. Ask others to pray over you, lay hands on you, and ask for the Spirit.

Excerpts from Scripture are taken from The New American Bible, copyright 1970 by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, D.C., and are used by permission of the copyright holder. All rights reserved.

Nihil obstat: Reverend Robert J. Buschmiller, July 13, 1995.

Imprimatur: †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati, July 25, 1995.

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