being authentically-catholic in a difficult culture ~ perhaps you were born for such a time as this!

Attend this retreat and discover why you, like Queen Esther, have been born for such a time as this! -  Esther 4:14

The Church and her authentically-Catholic members are coming under a wave of persecution that we never imagined could happen in the USA. The Catholic Church has certainly faced difficult times throughout her 2,000 year history, and we will review some of those historical periods to get some perspective.  We will draw on the solid teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Holy Scripture, papal encyclicals (especially the prophetic teachings of Popes St. Paul VI and St. John Paul II). Guiding participants to deepen their love and trust in Holy Mother Church's enduring teachings, we will encourage the growth and formation of small Christian communities to support retreatants to bravely continue to live by the Lord's timeless teachings on faith and morals. 

The teachings given in this retreat will hold the keys to maintaining that inner peace that is beyond all understanding, leading us to stay strong in Christ in our crumbling secular culture.  Presenters will be relying heavily on the Catechism, the teachings of Fr. Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries, as well as referring to a number of books.  Some titles include: "Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church" by Steve Weidenkopf, "A Church in Crisis - Pathways Forward" by Ralph Martin, "Catholics in Exile - Biblical Wisdom for the Journey Home" by Scott Hahn, and "Searching for and Maintaining Peace" by Fr. Jacques Philippe.


This Retreat will be LIVE STREAM, there will be 4 talks starting at 9:15am to 3:30pm Please check in online BY CLICKING HERE  pwd=his

"The Faithful, more precisely the lay faithful, find themselves on the front lines of the Church's life; for them the Church is the animating principle for human society."

"According to the Biblical image of the vineyard, the lay faithful, together with all the other members of the Church, are branches engrafted to Christ the true vine, and from him derive their life and fruitfulness."  -- Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People

Fact #1:  EVERY lay person has an important mission from God!

Fact #2:  We need good Catholic millionaires, good Catholic politicians, good Catholics in social media, good Catholics in every neighborhood to make a heavenly impact on the world!

Fact #3:  The lay faithful have an essential role, and through YOUR ROLE, in YOUR particular SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, Christ is made present in this world as a sign of hope and love.

Fact #4:  This mission is URGENT!   God REALLY needs YOU to cooperate in a bigger way than ever with His grace so He can change the world for the better!  We can't sit on the sidelines anymore and watch the moral decay and destruction continue around us.  We are called to something much more...something much greater than ourselves...something that only the Holy Spirit can achieve, only if we cooperate. 

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” 
– Esther 4:14

From February 10, 2024 To February 10, 2024


(937) 587-5464 or (513) 373-2397 or e-mail >>Cost = a free-will offering, so everyone can afford to come!<< REGISTRATION LINK: (Call or email if you would like to request babysitting be made available on site in order for you to attend this retreat.)


This retreat will be held at St. Stephen's Catholic Church, 3804 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226.




Opening Mass @ 8:30 am Activities end @ 3 pm Prayer teams available at the end of the retreat Please bring a bag lunch to enjoy fellowship during the lunch break


All presentations are from an authentically-Catholic perspective. REGISTRATION LINK: