how to teach the bible in the power of the holy spirit

Do you love the Bible and want to study it?  Do you want to know more about it?  These are good indications God may be calling you to teach the Bible.   This course of 14 lessons helps people hear the Holy Spirit and prepare Bible teachings.  A priest who took this course, along with his DRE, was so impressed that he thought it should be taught to seminarians.

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How to Teach the Bible in the Power of the Holy Spirit


Monday, July 15


  6:30 a.m.                Exposition of Blessed Sacrament

  7:30                         Office & Office & Morning Prayer

  8:15                         Breakfast


10:00                         The Vision and the Call                           Betty Orlando

10:45                         Questions/Discussion/Break

11:00                         The Word                                                     Jon Smith

10:15                         Questions/Discussion/Break

12:00 p.m.               Lunch


 2:15                          The Teacher                                                            Jon Smith

  3:00                         Chaplet of Divine Mercy/Break

  3:30                         The Holy Spirit                                           Deacon Ken Meade

  5:00                         Dinner

  6:20                         Leave for 7 p.m. Mass at Holy Trinity, West Union


Tuesday, July 16


  6:30             a.m.                Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Optional)

  7:00                         Morning Prayer (Optional)

  7:45                         Breakfast

  8:40                         Leave for Mass     

  9:00                         Mass at St. Mary Queen of Heaven   

10:15                         Praise and Worship

10:30                         The Secular Culture                                  Shelley Meade

11:15                         Questions/ Discussion/Break

11:30                         The Catholic Church                                             Jon Smith

12:15                         Questions/Discussion

12:30                         Lunch

   2:15                                    The Preparation                                                    Deacon Ken Meade

  3:00                         Chaplet of Divine Mercy/Break

  3:30                         The Content                                                                        Darlene Davis

  4:15                         Questions/Discussion

  5:00                         Dinner


                                     Evening Open for Home Work



Wednesday, July 17    How to Teach the Bible in the Poser of the Holy Spirit


  6:30             a.m.                Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Optional)

  7:00                         Morning Prayer (Optional)

  7:45                         Breakfast

  8:20                         Leave for Mass at Holy Trinity (West Union)

  9:00                         Mass

10:30                         The Process                                                 Shelley Meade

11:15                         Break

11:30                         The Parts                                                      Shelley Meade


12:30 p.m.               Lunch


  2:00                         Probing the Text                                       Class

  3:00                         Chaplet of Divine Mercy

  3:15                         The Evaluation                                           Marti Shoemaker

  4:00                         Demonstration Teaching                                    Jon Smith

  4:20                         Critique                                                        Class


  5:00                         Dinner


                                    Evening Open for Home Work


Thursday, July 18


  6:30             a.m.                Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Optional)

  7:00                         Morning Prayer (Optional)

  7:45                         Breakfast

  8:40                         Leave for 9 a.m. Mass at Mary Queen of Heaven, Peebles

  9:00                         Mass

10:30                         The Temptation                                         Mark Hennessey

11:15                         Break

11:30                         Opportunities                                            John Dunn


12:30                         Lunch


  2:15                                     Practice Teachings                                                Class

  3:00                         Chaplet of Divine Mercy                                    Break

  3:15                         The Future and Continuing on              Brad Shoemaker

  4:00                         Commencement                                        Team


From July 15, 2024 To July 18, 2024


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Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel and Retreat Center (Presentation Ministries), 5701 Lawshe Rd, Peebles, OH 45660